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Tagkalos - Ablianitis
Trade and Distribution of food
The company "TAGALOS - AMBLIANITIS" started its operation in 2008, having as its main activity the marketing and distribution of food in mass catering (HORECA) and sales (market) areas.

Consistently and reliably, we always aim for the combination of excellent quality, competitive price and immediate customer service. We distribute our products (freezer, preservation, dry cargo) daily through an organized network in the wider area of ​​Aitoloakarnania and Lefkada. By following a steady path of development, we create relationships of trust and excellent cooperation.
Our company, having invested both in infrastructure and equipment, as well as in human resources, has managed to create a dynamic and well-organized sales department, which is one of the most critical parts of the company and gives it a competitive advantage in the field of trade.
15 Years experience
Daily execution of orders
Stable partners
Satisfied clientele